How to remediate PII?

Radim ŘehůřekPersonal Data Protection, PII Remediation, Sensitive Data Remediation

PII Tools lets you automatically quarantine, erase, and redact files and emails to sanitize high-risk data. It works equally well over local data (file shares, laptops, devices) and cloud data (including Exchange emails and their attachments, Sharepoint, OneDrive), so let’s explore how to apply remediation to your workflow. Let’s assume you’ve already identified where the sensitive data lives and which … Read More

Data Leaks: How to Eliminate Employee Error

Cole PrudenData Breaches, Data Leak Prevention, Personal Data Protection, Reducing Employee Negligence

Nearly 90% of breach incidents are caused by human error. No matter the size of the company, the employees hold the key to reducing potential data loss. What can you do to eliminate data leaks from occurring in your business? What is a Data Leak? A data leak, often called a data breach, is the intentional or unintentional release of … Read More

Learning the Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

Martin JanoušekData Privacy Regulations, Personal Data, Personal Data Protection

Companies often believe that by securing their sensitive data, they automatically comply with the requirements of various data privacy regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.). Unfortunately, this is not the case. Let’s take a look at these two terms to understand the difference and make sure you adhere to both. It’s a bad habit to treat data security and data privacy … Read More

Export PII drill-down reports

Radim ŘehůřekPersonal Data Protection

In the latest February release (version 2.4.0), we combined Personal Data Analytics search with dynamic HTML report generation to make GDPR compliance and auditing easier. PII Tools already supports dynamic PII Analytics queries to locate personal, sensitive and intimate information. It also generates drill-down PII audit reports for completed data scans. In the latest release, we combined these two capabilities. You can now … Read More

Personal Data Analytics

Radim ŘehůřekDeep Learning, Personal Data Protection

The latest 2.0 release of PII Tools brings a brand new SAR dashboard, allowing targeted personal data search, filtering and analytics. Search for all files on John that contain any financial information, while restricting the results to CRITICAL severity only. Locating Information for Data Subject Access Requests What if you want to find all data related to a specific person … Read More