PII Tools Report

Main Summary

Scan ID s3_example
Start Time Dec 11 2018, 01:23:52 PM
End Time Dec 11, 2018, 01:27:54 PM
Scan Target s3://pii-tools-public/
Total size of all files 30.9 MB
Total objects scanned 1014
Total objects with PII 623
Severity: CRITICAL 56
Severity: HIGH 354
Severity: LOW 213

PII Severity Descriptions

Severity Description
NONE No personal data-related risk identified in this object.
LOW Some potentially identifying information detected, such as an isolated IP address or user name. This personal data is also covered by GDPR, but people typically don’t care to protect this type of data.
HIGH Detected multiple pieces of information that is reasonably public, such as phone numbers, street addresses or full names. A person would unhappy if this data was made public explicitly.
CRITICAL Passwords, bank account information, credit card numbers; social security and national ids; health, political and sexual information. Direct risk of identity theft, blackmail, financial damage or loss of job.

PII Categories Summary

PII Category Severity: CRITICAL Severity: HIGH Severity: LOW
Personal 55 349 212
Security ID 49 2 0
Sensitive 1 2 1
Health 6 3 0
Financial 3 4 0
National ID 1 0 0

PII Type Summary

PII Types in Object Number of Objects
Name 90
Face 71
Email 46
Phone 3
Address 1
City 1
Religious Views 1