PII Tools product pricing

How can you protect it, if you don’t know you have it?


for DPOs and security teams

Starting from 6000 EUR / year *

Each 12-month end-business license includes:

    • On-prem installation image

    • Scan cloud and local storages for personal, sensitive and intimate data

    • Unlimited scans, endpoints and data volume

    • Inventory dashboard with drill-down reports

    • GDPR DSAR Analytics

    • FREE upgrades

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    * 50% discount for NGOs, non-profits and educational institutions.


    for Auditors, Service Integrators and Resellers

    Discounts based on license volume.

    Each 12-month Partner license includes:
    • Same as End-business for each customer plus…

    • Scan data of multiple customers

    • Initial Partner Training

    • OEM white-labeling

    • SDK and REST API for task automation

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