PII Tools product pricing

Transparent flat-fee licensing to eliminate surprises

Auditors & DPO teams

Ideal for companies that need to regularly check for PI compliance of internal file shares, databases, cloud storages and employee laptops and workstations.

Each 12-month end-business license includes:

    • Local installation image

    • Unlimited number of scans

    • Unlimited data volume

    • Out-of-the-box PI detectors

    • Device agents for Windows, OSX and Linux

    • Interactive drill-down reports with file severity

    • Dashboard PI analytics

    • Exports in CSV, JSON and HTML format

    • Free product upgrades

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    Resellers & Integrators

    For those who wish to enhance their offering with state-of-the-art personal metadata, or run privacy and sensitivity audits on behalf of their clients.

    Each 12-month integrator license includes:
    • …the same plus:

    • White labelled scans

    • Developer REST API

    • Machine integration

    • Discounts on license volume

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      PII Tools licensing model explained

      PII Tools is a software product used to scan computer environments for private and sensitive data, developed by RARE Technologies.

      After purchasing PII Tools you’ll receive a link to the PII Tools installation package plus a license key. One PII Tools license allows the scanning of data of one company. There is no limit on the number of software instances you can install, or the amount of data you can scan.

      Service integrators, consultants and application developers may integrate PII Tools into their offering, provided they buy an integrator license plus one separate PII Tools license for each of their clients whose data may be scanned.

      A license holder can:

      • Scan as many files as you want, as often as you want.

      • Scan as many stores or endpoints as you like, for a period of one year.

      • Download upgrades of PII Tools for 1 year for free.

      A license holder cannot:

      • Distribute, resell or integrate PII Tools without an integrator license.

      • Use the software past its license expiration date.

      • Reverse engineer or modify PII Tools or its parts.

      Licensing examples

      Yvette and Brian are consultants working for a large system integrator.
      They have developed an offering to analyze and improve the performance of hospital health information systems. Their system uses PII Tools to identify private information at risk of exposure. They buy one integrator license for their internal development and one PII Tools license for each of their hospital clients.

      Helen is an auditor for a 5-division manufacturer.
      She wants to scan employee work stations for compliance with company privacy policies, but for security reasons doesn’t want any personal data leaving their environment. She purchases five PII Tools license keys and installs one at the data center for each division. Twelve months later she renews her 5 licenses.

      Ramish is an entrepreneur building a new enterprise accounting solution.
      He purchases an integrator license to embed PII Tools into his application using the REST API. Six months later he releases a beta to 10 companies for testing; at that point he also purchases 10 PII Tools end-business keys for their beta testers. Each year, they renew all licenses to keep using PII Tools and receiving updates.

      Leo and Adrian have a SaaS application for retail sales, with over 1000 customers.
      They must meet the GDPR regulation and dynamically answer Data Subject Access requests. Leo contacts RARE Technologies to negotiate a price for PII Tools that is compatible with their business model. Leo and Adrian purchase an integrator license which they will renew in 12 months.


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