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Introducing a world without manual discovery

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Built-in AI detectors

Super accurate AI detectors for GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, PHI, PCI and more. The era of clumsy regexps is over.

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Secure and On-prem

You are in full control. PII Tools is deployed securely within your own network. No internet calls needed – at all.

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Deep analytics

Slice & dice your inventory with flexible PII Analytics, export beautiful reports, support breach incidents and SARs.

All the data graphic

All the data

Scan unstructured documents, images and structured tables in any storage: devices, file shares, Office 365, SQL DB, Salesforce, Google, AWS and more.

Who is PII Tools for?

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Audit teams, IT security and DPOs

  • Verify no sensitive data lives outside designated locations
  • Locate all instances of Personal, Financial, Sensitive, Health, National, Security and Protected information
  • Automatically scan laptops, workstations, cloud storages and file shares.
  • Remediate based on beautiful drill-down reports.
  • Search by individual DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) across scans and devices.
  • Filter, review and organize PI in analytics dashboard.
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Due diligence, M&As

  • Identify risk in all digital assets at rest.
  • Prevent security and PR disasters by eliminating manual discovery.
  • Use a light-weight and versatile tool that doesn't require you to rework and migrate your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Export selected results for remediation, redaction or quarantine.
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RPA and Security platforms graphic

RPA and Security platforms

  • Programmatically scan real-time data streams, including logs and data in motion.
  • Enhance security policies with accurate PI metadata.
  • Seamlessly deploy and integrate via well-documented REST APIs.
  • Leverage our cutting edge AI technology to build complex robotic automation solutions.
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Consultants and service integrators

  • Increase the value & efficiency of your digital risk advisory.
  • Provide clients with actionable reports of personally identifying data across Office 365, Amazon, Salesforce, Google, SQL and local storages.
  • Offer powerful PII search and analytics capabilities for sensitive data hiding in unexpected places.
  • Export filtered records in machine-readable format for use in other systems.
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How it works

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30 Minute Install

Install the PII Tools virtual image on your own server. No data migrations needed.

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Scan & Analyze

Discover personal and sensitive data across your digital assets: in motion or at rest.

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Take Action

Review, export or remediate sensitive data from an Analytics dashboard.

Trust the companies that trust us

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Tim Budden

Tim Budden
Director of Data Science

"RARE is great at sharpening up a problem definition, planning a realistic approach to solving it and then delivering an effective solution on a timeline. We were impressed by their experience and deep machine learning knowledge."

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James Bradley

James Bradley
Program Manager Advanced Analytics

"RARE Technologies created a fantastic tool for us at Autodesk for helping to extract quality insights from hard to analyse unstructured data."

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