Personal Data Discovery Done Right

Company-wide data audits through context-aware AI



Best-in-breed product for data scanning and discovery

  • Wish to avoid (or apply) regulatory and audit pressure, such as for GDPR, HIPAA or PCI?
  • Need to discover personal and sensitive data across all corporate data stores, including devices, file shares, databases and cloud storages?
  • Want to automatically answer Data Subject Requests (DSAR) across all digital assets?
  • Want to identify personal information in real-time streaming environments?
  • Looking to integrate a secure, on-prem, full-featured SW system?

PII Tools runs as a locally deployed service (no cloud!) on Windows, Linux or OSX and excels as the world’s most accurate technology for locating and extracting personal and sensitive information. It can process both structured and unstructured files across local devices, remote storages and in real-time streams, including RESTful APIs for tight integration. PII Tools enables successful data governance, compliance & risk management and cyber security.


Precisely locate, extract and understand your sensitive data


Integrate automated scanning through a powerful REST API


Confidently face auditors and Subject Access Requests


Who is PII Tools for?

Organizations and businesses

Avoid breach disasters and compliance penalties

  • Check no sensitive data lives outside designated locations
  • Redact real-time file streams according to privacy implications
  • Answer DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests) from an automated Inventory Index
  • Review comprehensive drill-down reports by PII type, severity, author, location
  • Prevent GDPR-related issues by eliminating manual discovery

Security firms & ISPs

Integrate best-in-breed tech to gain competitive edge

  • Provide clients with white-labeled scans of personally identifying data
  • Enhance security policies with accurate, machine-readable metadata
  • Integrate privacy analysis into your solution via clean REST APIs
  • Increase the value & efficiency of your GDPR-related advisory
  • Leverage our cutting edge AI technology to win customers

Many vendors will try to hide the accuracy horror of their regexp-based detectors behind flashy dashboards and opaque pie charts. Not us. Submit your own files and see the detailed detections, in real time, and completely for free.

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Context-Aware Detectors

Keyword rules and regular expressions are a pain, due to the amount of false alarms they produce. PII Tools’ innovative machine learning algorithms consider personal information in context. That’s really important because it allows metadata to be located and disambiguated with unparalleled accuracy, meaning fewer misfires and less work for humans.

100% Cloud-Free

PII Tools is built for locally deployed, air-gapped environments, treating private information with the respect it deserves. The scanned data never leaves the safety of your network, no external “cloud access” or data copies needed.

Petabyte Scale

The unique scanning technology behind PII Tools allows massive data volumes to be processed quickly. Our parallelized data crawlers handle large repositories and file archives efficiently using data streaming, whether from a local device, file shares or remote cloud storages like Amazon S3, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Exchange, SFTP, MS SQL, or your company’s Google Drive.

Actionable drill-down reports

A long-forgotten zip archive with scanned passports; an innocuous looking email with credit card details. These are disasters waiting to happen. The interactive drill-down reports produced by PII Tools assign four severity levels to files based on their PII context and mutual relationships, enabling prioritized reviews and quick decision making. You can also download the reports for sharing with others, in the HTML, CSV and JSONL formats.

400+ Document Formats And Storage Connectors

We dig into both structured and unstructured data, connecting the dots: emails and attachments, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, SQL databases, logs – PII Tools leaves no stone unturned. It even analyzes compressed file archives and scanned images, including auto-rotation and OCR.

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"More than a decade of intensive research in Artificial Intelligence at RARE TECHNOLOGIES has shaped what is the most advanced tool for personal data discovery to date. We are excited to bring our technology to the market and help organizations tackle their privacy and GDPR-related issues."

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