Data Redaction: The Essential Guide to Protecting Sensitive Data

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PDF in-file data redaction

The long-awaited data redaction feature by PII Tools is finally here. Generate new, AI-driven PDFs from original files with all personal data automatically blacked out – this is the future of genuinely efficient data redaction.

What Does Data Redaction Mean

At PII Tools, we’ve made it our calling to create AI-driven software to maximize data discovery and the remediation of private and sensitive information. Our many years working in this field led us to develop a one-of-a-kind solution for Data Redaction. Let’s dive into its various functions and use cases, even if your work has nothing to do with data privacy.

Questions answered below

  • What exactly is Data Redaction?
  • What are its use cases?

To state it clearly, our Data Redaction software takes your original file and automatically generates a fully redacted PDF, with all personal information being recognized and blacked out by our highly-trained AI. As an optional bonus, this tool can even redact the same information from the original file.

Common Use Cases for Data Redaction

There are many reasons why this new software has us feeling extra excited. For starters, there are a myriad of ways that different companies and organizations can use it in their everyday operations.

Redacting PII

The first use case is quite obvious. This is a Data Redaction tool intended to immediately locate instances of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and black them out in the resulting document. 

Any businesses collecting and storing protected information on their clients, employees, or users can ensure they’re adhering to all local and international data protection laws and regulations by redacting countless instances of PII from any and all relevant files.

Our In-Place Redaction software allows such businesses to effectively “clean up” their storages and remediate any instances of unprotected sensitive data, all while keeping the files and their regulation-safe information for future use. We’d call that a win-win.

Custom Detectors

This same software can automatically detect all types of information, whether you’re interested in them as PII or not. Examples include bank accounts, tax IDs, SSNs, driving licenses, and even passports for various countries. If your business needs any of these items redacted, this tool has you covered.

But you can also set your custom detectors. This allows users to specify the type of information they’re looking for and automatically redact whatever it is. In this sense, the software could be applied in nearly unlimited ways.

Are you expecting to release a new product soon but don’t want information about it to be leaked in advance? Set a custom detector and have every mention of it blacked out from all company files.

Need to update some internal files bearing information that’s no longer relevant? Simply set your custom detector, and let the AI do the job for you, automatically.

How is Data Redaction One-of-a-Kind?

Our In-Place Redaction software isn’t the only redaction tool on the planet, although it is one of only a couple available. But what sets it apart – even from the other few tools out there – is its ability to work in conjunction with automatic PII detection. With other tools, the user has to manually list the items they want edited.

By applying our custom-trained AI, the Data Redaction software has an eye for PII like you won’t find anywhere else. The fact that the entire process is automatic means you can spend less time scouring over documents and files manually and more time on whatever it is that actually makes you money.

Another element that makes PII Tools’ In-Place Redaction software unique is the option to not only generate redacted PDFs but to also redact the same information from the original file. This ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ approach means you can protect people’s private information from both sides, all while maintaining as much useful data from the file as possible.

Give In-Place Redaction a Try

Whether you’re using the software to help detect and protect instances of PII in your storages, or simply looking to redact any kind of data specific to your individual scenario, you won’t find a better solution than our In-Place Redaction tool.

Do what’s best for those who’ve trusted you with their potentially private information while also saving yourself the time and stress of manually discovering and redacting PII. Not only will this give you the peace of mind that comes with regulation compliance, but you can also close your computer each night, knowing you’ve done what’s best for those you protect.

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