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In the latest February release (version 2.4.0), we combined Personal Data Analytics search with dynamic HTML report generation to make GDPR compliance and auditing easier.

PII Tools already supports dynamic PII Analytics queries to locate personal, sensitive and intimate information. It also generates drill-down PII audit reports for completed data scans.

In the latest release, we combined these two capabilities. You can now search for PII of interest, dice and slice your inventory to narrow down the exact set of files or database rows in order to respond to an incident or SAR request, and then export them straight into a drill-down report:

PII Analytics export HTML report

Download the HTML drill-down report, built from all files with the person "John", to the local computer.

How does it work?

The web interface takes care of all the steps (as usual, technical users may also use the REST API for programmatic access):

  1. Enter your analytics query, defining what fields, people, PII types or categories you're interested in.
  2. Click "Export Objects" in the top-right of the result page.
  3. Select "HTML drill-down" format from the drop-down menu to download the report in ZIP format.
  4. Open the downloaded report on your computer, or share it with colleagues or customers.

The exported PII reports can be used in multiple ways, to fit your workflow. Whether it's reviewing the results internally, sharing the report with colleagues over email, or notifying affected parties for remediation.

This is an article about PII Tools, our on-prem (self-hosted) software for accurate personal and sensitive data discovery. PII Tools uses proprietary context-aware AI technology to make the life of CISO, Security, Legal & Privacy teams easier.

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