Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is PII Tools different?

We designed PII Tools to be accurate, fast and easy to integrate. PII Tools uses document context to improve the detection accuracy. Unlike legacy tools that rely on regular expressions and keyword lists, which often creates unmanageable amounts of false alerts, PII Tools saves reviewers time and money by focusing on the detection quality. It considers the document as a whole using machine learning algorithms, and is thus able to minimize false matches.

As an on-prem virtual appliance, PII Tools covers a range of security use-cases from the occasional in-house scan, to regular auditing, to deep API integration with other security and data governance platforms.

2. Why aren’t you offering PII Tools as a service? Is there a SaaS version?

No. To provide the highest level of security PII Tools always runs on your own hardware, and doesn’t upload any data “to the cloud”. We never see, nor want to see, your data.

3. How much does it cost and how can I pay?

You can buy PII Tools online using your credit card or Paypal. The purchase enables you to download the PII Tools software, documentation and upgrades and use them for 12 months. See this page for pricing and terms and conditions for the license agreement.

4. Which platforms and operating systems do you support?

PII Tools is deployed by means of a fully configured, turn-key virtual image, and runs on any machine that supports Docker. This includes Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Linux.

5. You don’t support my storage X. How can I scan it?

PII Tools has a super flexible connector architecture and we’re developing new connectors all the time. Our development is prioritized by customer demand, so if you feel a connector should be there, drop us a note – we might include it in our roadmap!

If you have something urgent, exotic or proprietary, feel free to reach out to us to commission a custom connector.

6. How can I detect new types of personal data or locales?

PII Tools supports dynamic regexp rules including context filters out of the box, so you can define your own rule-based detectors. No programming needed.

However, to take full advantage of the strengths of PII Tools, we advise you to plug in a custom detector using a full-powered machine learning contextual model (not just regexps). These models can be either developed by us (contact us for a quote), or by your in-house data scientists using the provided model APIs.

In the future, we are planning to open a marketplace allowing developers to monetize their detection models. Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

7. Where can I get help and support?

We'll be happy to hear your feedback at [email protected] We answer requests on a best-effort basis; if you need contractual support or SLAs, contact us for a quote.

8. I made a mistake. Can I get a refund for a license I've bought?

PII Tools is a digital product, so it’s tough to return the software and assets for your money back once you’ve downloaded them. We’re hoping you try our free Demo version out first to make sure PII Tools is right for you. That being said, we know crazy situations come up – if you’ve bought a license and have issues, get in touch.